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john pickett
2015-05-12, 19:46
Here you go, Vietnam vets!

:biggrin:http://www.charleyssurplus.com/Vietnam%20Era%20C%20Ration%20Chocolate%20Nut%20Rol l?keyword=c%20ration

2015-05-12, 20:04
When I was there we were eating c-rats dated 1943.

2015-05-12, 20:04
It says not for consumption. Looks like that tin might make a good stove.

Prolly shoulda posted under gear.

SGT Rock
2015-05-12, 21:48

2015-05-12, 21:58
If they're anything like the chocolate nut rolls from the '80's they were never meant for consumption.

SGT Rock
2015-05-12, 22:02
Exactly. Spare track pads for the APC.

2015-05-12, 23:56
The mint patties made good candles.

john pickett
2015-05-13, 09:39
" Looks like that tin might make a good stove."
Wish I'd thought of that!

2015-05-13, 09:55
More importantly do they still give you as much C4 as your willing to carry. In the area of the BMT with all the blow downs and it was harder to see the trail I could have cleared it pretty ricky ticky.

2015-05-13, 10:20
Doesn't it bother you that somebody named "Charley" is selling Vietnam era C rats?

2015-05-13, 10:44
Doesn't it bother you that somebody named "Charley" is selling Vietnam era C rats?

After we pulled out congress voted to not re-supply the south Vietnamese. By the time the north made the final push supplies were so low ARVN units were low on most things...including ammo. The ARVN 1st ID fought until they had nothing left to fight with. The horror of the final days were kept from the American public so as not to have them feel uncomfortable about our participation in the down fall of the South Vietnamese Govt. A friend of mine spent two years in a re-education camp. I find it amazing that there are no books or movies about what happened after the fall. If you know any south Vietnamese that survived those camps you would have PTSD just from hearing the experiences they survived. Many of us who fought that war volunteered to stay in the fight and not be medevac'd, volunteered for more tours and took the fight to Charlie. Charlie got to eat some of our C rats and I ate Charlie's rice balls...even when they were dry our rotten. What happened to some C-rats are of no importance compared to being sold out by our own country. Thanks

Jim Henderson
2015-05-13, 13:02
Wow, I could be rich. $10 for just the roll??!!

I have a new in box Vietnam veteran complete C ration. Turkey loaf, can of candy and crackers, some dessert and the accessory pack. I'll have to take a look at my heirloom. I'm rich.

I sure did love eating these things back in the 80s, when they were only a few decades old. Now, not so sure. Let the eBay bidding commence. I am not serious on this, but am impressed with the price for just a can.

Jim Henderson

2015-05-13, 17:32

If it was the cinnamon nut roll, it could get as much as $12.95.