View Full Version : Train Derailment in Maryville. Homes evacuated

Gray Blazer
2015-07-09, 02:55
Hey Rock and Dixi and sons. I was thinking about you guys when I heard about this. Ya'll are good people. What do you think the govt. planted while everybody was evacuated?

I think about you guys all the time.

Skids, my left side came back stronger than before and I can play the guitar again along with all my other instruments. Hard to play music with one hand. Tumor has been in remission for about a year now. The hand of God was in the healing and I could actually feel every bodies prayers.

Dixi, I have more pics for you guys from the Sierras and Rockies. You can see some of them on Hikerboy's site. I never go to WB anymore. Gator is so anal, he doesn't have an anus.

Well, I guess I'll make some popcorn and sit back and learn some new expressions. Peace out. JJ

PS I miss Kanga.

2015-07-09, 08:10
Hey GB

2015-07-09, 11:37

2015-07-09, 11:43
Gator is so anal, he doesn't have an anus.


2015-07-10, 18:48
hey, hon. how've you been?

SGT Rock
2015-07-10, 19:11
We were too far away from it. Never even knew it until people started calling us at 0-dark-stupid to ask us if we were OK. All I could say is WTF?

john pickett
2015-07-11, 12:57
So how big is Maryville, anyway?

SGT Rock
2015-07-11, 19:51
About this big:

But seriously it is about 28,000

2015-07-13, 10:01
When I heard the news about Maryville, my first thought was about you guys. My second was, "I thought it was pronounced Murrvul."

SGT Rock
2015-07-13, 11:00
It is.

john pickett
2015-07-13, 17:12
It's pronounced "Murrvul" in North Carolina too.

2015-07-14, 23:22
I talked to a guy on the phone today from "Churrvul" North Carolina. (Cherryville for those with no Southern ear.)

2015-07-15, 08:15
So, do you live in "Muucksvul"?

2015-07-15, 09:59