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SGT Rock
2015-07-14, 01:01
Recently there has been a discussion about using Spyderline instead of Amsteel or Dynaglide due to the polyester cover of the Spyderline having a better coefficient of drag which will allow it to hold knots like the Beckett Hitch/Slippery Sheet Bend. It is available in 2.8 which is about the equivalent to Dynaglide (slightly stronger) up to 4.8 which would be the slightly stronger equivalent of 1/8" amsteel.

Spyderline is a double braid, so splicing it is a bit tricky and most directions you will find on the internet are for large ropes, which are way easier than 2.8mm line. If you are planning to include it as a part of your suspension, you may want to do as I do and have spliced eyes on each end: one end is for a loop to loop connection with the tree strap, and the other provides you a place to larks head a toggle to the very end of your line in case you need ever last inch of it.

I made this tutorial after research and practice so that it helps anyone contemplating this to avoid all the confusion that might be out there. I tried to make the instructions as dummy proof as I could because I know how confusing some of the info out there can be.


Hog On Ice
2015-07-14, 10:41
only items of note that I found with the vid are:

the maker of Spyderline is New England Ropes now a division of Teufelberger, a company based in Austria I think or perhaps Teufelberger took over all the brands from NE Ropes - link: http://www.teufelberger.com/en/products/marine/new-england-ropes/dinghy-one-design-racing/spyderline.html

the core is braided Dyneema and not DynaGlide

john pickett
2015-07-15, 10:45
You can always tell when an engineer enters the room.

Hog On Ice
2015-07-15, 10:50
usually by the smell