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Hog On Ice
2004-03-16, 19:04
a type of tool used to cut triangular openings into cans - has a small tab that hooks on the edge/seam of the can then a pointed triangle that pierces the can and cuts the triangular opening.

usage is believed to derive from the use of steel cans to hold beer in the days before aluminum tops/cans - having a beer on Sunday required the use of the churchkey.

2004-03-16, 20:20
Now all we need is somebody to tell us why its called a churchkey! Ive never seen a key shaped like that!!LOL Streamweaver

2004-03-17, 20:23
This might help. I looked around and most folks agree with this origin.


2004-03-17, 20:39
That makes sense!! Thanks alot Cldphoto!! Streamweaver