View Full Version : A heart felt condolence to the families of the fallen

SGT Rock
2015-07-17, 16:14
I assume everyone reading this today heard about the events in Chattanooga yesterday. Four Marines were killed by a terrorist. :flag-mari

Words cannot express how I feel today about that. Tomorrow, if you can, the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is hosting a fund raiser for Wreaths Across America. If you are in the area and can come by and donate or just participate, it would be greatly appreciated.


2015-07-17, 20:42
I was about three miles away when it happened, teaching summer school. I headed home and heard about Amnicola Highway being shut down because of a police chase and an active shooter situation. I drove until Amnicola and saw a parking lot above with police cruisers blocking the entrance and exits. I was nearly home in Benton before I heard details.

My heart aches. My blood burns. I'm trying hard to maintain a sense of love for the world around me, but I want to lash out so badly. I haven't felt this angry since 2001 when one of my friends was the first U. S. casualty in Afghanistan. Things are different now, worse. This is my home.

I try to focus on respect for the families of my fallen brothers. It helps a little. I pray. It just feels like this is one of those times where no amount of goodwill can make things right. I hope I can find some peace before everything inside explodes.

Semper Fi Brothers. May Heaven or Valhalla welcome you home.

Lone Wolf
2015-07-17, 21:57
Semper Fi.

2015-07-17, 23:45
Best and most heartfelt to the families.

Gray Blazer
2015-07-18, 01:59
Semper Fi.

That says it all. My condolences go out to the family members and the brotherhood of Marines, God bless the Marines.

2015-07-18, 06:56
I did freak when I heard the news. I mean, Chattanooga???? Marines???? If there is anywhere someone should be safe (in my world, anyway) it should be Chattanooga. Condolences to all involved.

john pickett
2015-07-18, 11:04
Semper Fi

john pickett
2015-07-19, 10:46
For those of you wondering why the Navy petty officer, the fifth man to die in the Chattanooga shootings was shown in both Navy and marine uniforms; the answer is simple. he was a Navy Corpsman who adopted Marine standards. He wore the Marine uniform,(with the exception of the red stripe, the Blood Stripe, on his class B uniform). He ran the Marine physical fitness test, and was carried on the books of the Marine Corps. Makes me proud.