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2015-08-04, 11:16
I got this in an email today

New Reservation System for South Cumberland State Park coming in the Fall 2015

Beginning August 2015, a new online reservation system will be implemented for guests visiting the South Cumberland State Park. You may visit the South Cumberland State Park website to make your backcountry campsite reservations. Available dates for reservation begin September 7, 2015!
Visitors and Guests to South Cumberland State Park will also need to be sure and review the new policies and procedures that will apply to reserving a campsite at the park. Beginning in the Fall 2015, there will be a fee associated with backcountry camping and a reservation needed. Please be sure to review these new policies and campground rules on Facebook page, South Cumberland State Park and Friends of South Cumberland website.
If you need to cancel or change your reservation prior to your visit, or have any questions, please call the park office at 931-924-2980.

Important Changes to Backcountry Campgrounds at South Cumberland State Park

Raven's Point at Fiery Gizzard
Many guests of the South Cumberland State Park are familiar with the popular Raven's Point campsite on the Fiery Gizzard trail. Many don't know that this popular campsite is actually on private land. While guests and visitors will be able to continue utilizing the trail that is currently being rerouted on Fiery Gizzard, the campground will be closed indefinitely due to its location on private property. Park officials want to draw awareness to the fact that since the park system has no jurisdiction on private property or land not owned by the park, it will be illegal camping if visitors continue to camp here after September 7th, 2015. Beginning then, staff and actual trail signage will direct visitors away from campground and bypass to the new trail.
Park staff would like to kindly remind visitors to please enjoy and take care of the trail system. Most of the trail system along the rim of the Fiery Gizzard is, and will remain, private property.

Collins East at Savage Gulf
The Collins East Campground, located in the Savage Gulf area, will also be permanently closed after September 7th, 2015 due to its location, accessibility and proximity to other areas of land that are privately owned and operated. Signage will detour visitors away from this campsite to other campgrounds in the park.

Foster Falls

Ownership of the Foster Falls campsite area changed from Tennessee Valley Authority to South Cumberland State Park. The Foster Falls campsites came under control of South Cumberland State Park in July 2015; the campground will be closed to vehicle camping while the bathhouse is under renovation. The campsites can be accessed by walk-in through campsite registration. South Cumberland is aiming to have this bath house project complete and the campsites open for vehicle camping by January 2016, where it will then stay open year-round. Visitors and guests will be able to park their cars and/or pop-ups next to their campsite for the Foster Falls area.

SGT Rock
2015-08-04, 19:12
Good to know.