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2015-08-17, 14:19
Wiggy's poncho liner with ties - $50. USPS to your contiguous 48 door step (or hold for pick-up).


From Wiggy's website:

Choose our "standard" Poncho Liner with ties for a quick, easy shelter! Our Poncho Liners are made with a highly moisture resistant nylon taffeta in Coyote Brown (same as what is on our sleeping bags) but inside color is at factory discretion. The Poncho Liner with ties is for the customer who may want to tie off to the inside of a military poncho, make a quick shelter or tie the ties together for a makeshift sleeping bag.

Size is 60" x 90" / Weight ~1.5 lbs. All Poncho Liners come with a standard 6.5 inch x 13.5 inch Stuff Sack.

5880 5881

This has been interned in my gear closet for the past year, mint condition. Purchased with the intention of making a PLUQ which never happened.

PayPal preferred.

SGT Rock
2015-08-17, 18:56
Wiggy generally makes very good stuff.

2015-08-18, 10:50
Is this the current issue?

2015-08-18, 15:50
The Wiggy's website shows channel baffles, this one has a 4" baffle quilt pattern.