View Full Version : Bmt big frog wilderness section hike

2015-12-07, 09:48
I completed the BMT section thru BIG FROG WILDERNESS over the weekend. Jump off from the trailhead at 1030 and arrived up top at 1500. I took the Lick Log Ridge trail # 65 to BIG FROG MOUNTAIN and camped up there on Saturday night. The spring at the top had water and was flowing so that was a good thing as there are no water sources on #65 that I saw. #65 is a steady climb all the way but not too steep. I had great views all the way up with clear skies and the trees are bare now. I met a father /son also camping on top when I arrived. They shared their camp fire with me and we hung out and talked for a while.I set up my tent in another spot over from them and hit the sack about 2000 hrs...we were all pretty whipped. The temp was cold but calm when I laid down but later on the wind came up and howled all night but it seemed to warm up some. I broke camp at 0730 and was headed out by 0815. There were fresh signs/markers at the trail intersections that coincided with the hiker guide book and navigation was a snap. The creeks were full but I didn't have any troubles crossing them. I rolled into Thunder Rock CG at 1400. Trail conditions the whole way up and down were in good shape.

Traffic Jam
2016-01-02, 11:51
Nice, can't wait to hike that section.

2016-01-02, 16:24
good report.

2016-01-02, 21:18
its one of my favorite sections of the trail.

2020-12-15, 13:04
Hey crew,

I am hoping to hike part of the Taum Sauk section maps TS2 and TS3 this weekend, May 5-6, 2018, from the HWY N trailhead at JSI to Mina Sauk Falls May 5, spending the night near the Falls, then return on to the HWY N trailhead on the 6. I am new to this section of the OT, and I have some questions:

1 Can I park my car overnight at HWY N Trailhead? I know that JSI does not allow overnight camping in the park

2 Current trail conditions for this section?

3 Is there a nice place to camp near Mina Sauk Falls?

4 Approx. time to do this section? By my calculations, it is about ten miles each way, and at 2 miles an hour, 5 hours each way.

I am an experienced hiker, in good shape, rarely carrying more than 20 - 25 lbs for a trip like this.

Thank you all so much

Jeff G

2020-12-18, 21:21
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