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Hog On Ice
2015-12-21, 17:39
Recently I decided to get some exercise for my arms by doing some juggling so I took three tennis balls and filled them with BBs resulting in juggling props where each weighed one pound. As I was juggling them I realized that non jugglers just would not understand that I was having problems showering with my heavy balls.

2015-12-21, 19:58
Lol...never thought of juggling with weights...hmmm.

2015-12-21, 20:28
Lol...never thought of juggling with weights...hmmm.

I'm not supposed to pick up anything heavier than my who ha.

2015-12-21, 22:26
Continuous clawed catches with weights is good arm exercise and seemed easier on my elbows and wrists because the catch motions are in the same direction as the prop movement.

I tried weighted balls back when I was trying to learn the 5-b cascade. They didn't help. What did help was practicing with larger diameter props to force me to clean up my pattern and repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition...

Hog On Ice
2015-12-22, 09:50
only way I ever got 5-b in the air at the same time was to flash 3 and jump in the air

2015-12-22, 22:00
I can juggle three thing pretty good. Never tried much of anything else.

john pickett
2015-12-23, 11:01
I'm juggling my checking account, does that count?