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Hog On Ice
2004-04-04, 19:14
Sgt Rock, good to see you home and back in the land of good internet access (grin). I hope everything is going well for you and your family.

2004-04-04, 19:28
Same here! I bet it is nice to back with your family for good now. Hopefully its smooth sailing from here on out.


2004-04-04, 20:36
Welcome back. Now take some time for the family and we will see you soon.

2004-04-04, 20:49
Welcome back Sarge!! Glad your back in one peice!!
I Think now would be a good time to give a big thanks to Dixicritter for holding down the fort While Sarge was away!!!

SGT Rock
2004-04-05, 06:10
She has been great in many ways besides all that. I won't even begin to try and tell y'all all the things she has done for me over the last few months. Right now she is helping me get a trip for trail days ready. I think this is going to be a good year.

2004-04-05, 08:43
glad to have you back.


2004-04-05, 11:53
welcome back

2004-04-05, 18:47
Welcome home, Sgt Rock.

Thanks for everything. For the big stuff, of course. But also for sharing a bit of your world with us. While I doubt I could ever really understand what it means to be a Soldier, I've learned an awfull lot, thanks to you. You and your families are all amazing.

Thank you.

Here's wishing you cool breezes, green trees and peaceful vistas on the trail ahead.

Rick Boudrie

2004-04-06, 09:06
Welcome back and thanks for your contribution and sacrifice.

2004-04-06, 13:29
just know you have been missed. not just for your technical info and reviews, but also for way you allow us to "mind camp" right along with you.


2004-04-14, 11:56
Hay Sarge:
Thank you for your service to our country. Glad you are back. Thought of you often over there. Enjoy the family and some well- deserved rest. Your web site has been a tremendous gift. Many thanks!

2004-04-15, 06:56

I saw on the news that the 2nd Armoured Cavalry has had its stay in Iraq extended. Please tell us you're not going back!



SGT Rock
2004-04-17, 13:42
As of right now I am not, and I am pretty sure they wouldn't have us go through all the deploymet stuff just to actually be in country a couple of months. As I understand it they have "enough" soldiers on the ground now by postponing unit rotations. On the other hand, we were not supposed to go back for about 2 1/2 years, but the rotation plan may get changed if they decided to maintain higher troop levels over there for the long term.

Something I rarely, if at all, mentioned while I was over there was just how short handed everything was being run. The GFI fairy seemed to come out on a weekly basis from OCPA and have something new for us to guard, watch, or do. While at the same time attrition from unfreezing stop loss, medical issues, officer rotations, etc put units way understrength. with an authorized strength of 123 in my troop (that includes some attachments) I only had 105 when we left Baghdad. That pots my unit at about 85% strength, and some units were ever worse off. My operational tempo kept soldiers moving from one mission to another without much rest even when times were lax. Iff some OCPA bureaucrat came up with a new fuel truck excort mission or civilian site guard mission, then it ate into the ability to perform our basic missions and provide security in sector. We realized at the time that the whole thing was being driven by the need to turn stuff over to the Iraqi ICDC, police, and other security forces while keeping troop levels as low as possible.

The Iraqi police actually did about like everyone in my unit expected. The ICDC did a little worse, but theat might be an overall thing, our ICDC probably did well. The FPS were weak and always were. I never worked with the Iraqi army, so I wouldn't know how they did. As for international troops, you can see what happens to a lot of them when things get hot, American and British troops for the most part are the only ones you can count on over there to do what needs to be done when something has to be done.

Unfortunately this probably means that we will have to have a larger presence over there for a few more years than we were originally told. Gen Shenseki was absolutly right when he said what needed to be done over there, but he had a naval aviator with 4 years active duty telling him he was wrong, the Army is overbloated, and generally how to conduct land warefare. General Shenseki fought it until he couldn't be effective and then retired. But his parting words about "beware the 12 division strategy for the 10 division Army" has been so right on the money.

I don't see any quick or easy end to this war at all. Hopefully We as a country learn from this that there isn't ever going to be a way to make real war easy or painless. At the end of GWI (Gulf War I) a Vietnam veteran and I were drinking beer and discussed the fact that Americans would probably get the idea that we could always have wars like this and that it would probably lead us as a country into doing things thinking that our military power was so supreem that it would always be that easy. Looks like over the last 12 years we have gotten more and more confident to the point that we lost touch with what we learned and should have remembered from the 60's and 70's in Vietnam, that attrition war is nasty and smart bombs and cruise missiles are totally ineffective at that point. When you reach that, only a soldier or marine with a rifle and the correct purpose, direction, and motivation will make a difference.

Sorry, I got a little preachy there. But some of this stuff has been bothering me for over a year and it seems that now more people are seeing what this is all about. I honestly think that if things stabalize and get back to the point they were 3 months ago, that in 6 months most Americans will forget what has been going on this month and act like this is another huge patriotism party exercise instead of a war.

2004-04-23, 16:11
Another WELCOME BACK! I know it takes awhile to get acclimated, so take time to enjoy. and smell the roses.

2004-04-25, 06:26
Yippi =)
Willkommen daheim !!

So glad you are back and healthy. Have a lot of fun enjoying the not so dry environment with your friends :)

btw. updated my website with images and so on