View Full Version : Cooking Shelf

2016-04-02, 05:44
6016Here is the latest gadget from 2QZQ, a tree table for cooking or whatever. Not too heavy, and it seemed pretty stable in last week's hike on the Foothills Trail. Saves getting down in the mud, like Sgt Rock would advise. Wind screen removed for clarity. This would be fine with Tinman's Caldera Cone/alcohol stove setup, as the base has plenty of ventilation holes, but I was cooking for three at the time. Runs about $50.

Tin Man
2016-04-02, 06:33
The devil you say?

Hog On Ice
2016-04-02, 09:57
idea is somewhat similar to a DIY design from a few years ago - the DIY design used a stick or trekking pole to support the far end of the platform instead of the arm going down the tree side of the platform