View Full Version : Thanks Ron

2016-04-03, 22:57
I just wanted to say thanks to Ron for hosting the Bash in Hiawassee this year. It was a great time and the enclosed feel off the main road added a lot in my opinion. Thanks again Short Bus.

2016-04-03, 22:57
It was awesome!

SGT Rock
2016-04-03, 23:04
I just want to say that this year's bash is like bringing back the old bash. Nice to have it out of the hands of the Franklin politicians!

About time, and bravo to Ron Haven!

2016-04-03, 23:07
It was awesome!

Was Nearly Normal there?

Tin Man
2016-04-03, 23:09
I had a great time

2016-04-03, 23:23
Was Nearly Normal there?

No, I was hoping, but he just was feeling up to it.

Ron Haven
2016-04-16, 20:49
I was glad to see all of you there. Thanks for all the kind words too. Hope to get a chance to be with all of you this summer somewhere..