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2016-05-08, 09:29
Hey everyone,

My name Is Cliff. Iím currently living in Belgium and Iím 26. In my early twenties I had the opportunity to travel a lot. Some of the places Iíve visited are China, Russia, Vietnam, South Africa, Many countries in Europe, the USÖ These were always road trips, hiking vacations etc. However, two years ago I started working a job and soon after started my own little business, moved out of my parentsí houseÖ Which basically meant I havenít been able to go for a real travel since then.

However, I have saved up some money and business is going pretty good so I feel like Iíll be able to make some of the journeys Iíve been dreaming of for so long. Iím starting to plan trips to Japan, Taiwan, Canada, ArgentinaÖ But I mainly want to go hiking in American and Canadian national parks. Iíve decided to join this forum to get inspiration from other peopleís journeys, find new travel destination and maybe even find people to travel with. Most people I travelled with a few years ago have settled now and arenít too interested anymore in undertaking longer travels.

I think I can also inform people about the places where Iíve been and travel gear has always been my pet peeve, so Iíll certainly be able to provide worthy information on that.

Hope to see you all around and Iím happy to answer questions you might have 

2016-05-08, 11:29
Welcome Cliff

2016-05-08, 15:36
Hi, Cliff. Do you travel with the one carry-on bag as is now the fashion? I'm moving that way, it is just easier. If so, how do you reconcile that with longer distance hikes on your travels?

2016-05-09, 15:24

For my recent travels I did use a carry-on bag yes. And I also did my best to go as light as possible. For my hiking plans in the US and Canada I'll need some new gear, so i'm building my gear list at the moment. Thanks for the messages!

Uhm, question though! Almost all forums are empty for me. Anyone know why? Do i need a minimum amount of posts before I can read all forums?