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2016-08-09, 08:20
To catch my first trout? I've been bass fishing since I can remember but never fished for trout until the weekend before last. My buddy talked me into going so we loaded up the trout fishing gear (his trout fishing gear I should add) and the wife and I loaded up our two feral children and drove to Blue Ridge to do some trout fishing for rainbows. It was good having had my buddies Aaron and Jason there to show me how it's done. This is actually two different trips to the mountains. I loved it so much the first time that we drove back less than a week later. On the second trip my buddy Dustin tagged along and we each caught our limit. The highlight of the trip was helping my daughter catch her first trout and seeing my wife catch her first one as well. Silas didn't catch anything but he sure had fun following me around studying the fish on the stringer.

I spent at least 10 hours editing this video. Hope you like the way it turned out.


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Traffic Jam
2016-08-17, 22:46
Responding so you know you're not talking to yourself. :five:

2016-08-20, 17:41
Grew up fishing for bass, crappie, bluegill, and catfish in the southeast. Didn't catch trout until I was 31 and teaching a NOLS course in Wyoming.