View Full Version : Is July a ridiculous time for a thru hike

2016-09-20, 07:14
Hi folks. This may be answered somewhere else on here but I wasn't able to see it when looking through. I have some time off July 2017 and was wondering if I was crazy for thinking of a thru hike on the BMT that time of year in terms of heat or crowds. I've always lived in the south and am as acclimated as one can be to heat and humidity but don't want to be miserable either. I'm pretty new to backpacking and this would be my first thru hike on a trail...everything else has been section hikes.

Any advice or pointers would be appreciated.


2016-09-20, 13:01
it's not ridiculous or crazy. it would be pretty warm and water sources will be getting lower. plan well, have the ability (i.e. camp bladders) to hump water into camp and maybe have water caches arranged and you should be fine. there are no crowds on the BMT. i don't think you'd be miserable.

2016-09-20, 15:22
What kanga said..hike early, take the heat of the day off. Hike late..

2016-09-20, 15:34
I would hike to a place that has AC. Maybe that's just me?

2016-09-20, 17:04
Make sure to bring enough sherpas.