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David Spratt
2016-12-04, 22:16
Where are the youtube videos? In particular, the one about how to make a cuben tarp. I finally got up the nerve to try to make one and the excellent one that Sgt Rock made a few years ago is no longer on youtube. Is there any place else that I can find it?

2016-12-05, 07:30
Are you familiar with Google?

David Spratt
2016-12-05, 23:55
I am, but it still doesn't turn up the video on how to make a cuben tarp that Sgt Rock made a few years ago. I also clicked on some other videos on Hiking HQ that said the videos no longer exist. It seems that videos associated with this site have been removed. I googled for the video and searched on youtube with no luck.

2016-12-06, 04:06

2016-12-06, 07:29
So the other youtube videos on how to make a cuben tarp are not worthy?