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2016-12-15, 04:10
For my daily wear, I prefer hiking boots. They offer ankle support and make me feel good. Well, now I decided to upgrade my boots and there r soo many options.
My first question is, are Vibram soles really that amazing in traction? Majority of online reviews call it a superior sole.
The boots I thought of purchasing has something called an essensole.
Any idea what type of sole is that?
I do go on treks twice a year where a good grip on wet rocks is required. Through forests, grasslands and some inclined terrain, lots of huge boulders in the path.
Rest of the time, the terrain I walk on is paved footpath and aspalt roads in a city.
Should I go for Vibram sole( even though it costs a lot more ) or an essensole? Which one will be more durable? I am spending close to $200 so would want the soles to last for a few years.
Please advise

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2016-12-15, 07:43
Just make sure the fit correctly with a bit of wiggle room. Stock insoles are usually junk - upgrade them. Avoid stiletto heels unless you have great gams.

Hog On Ice
2016-12-15, 09:33
can't help you - I use Asics - I figure I can go about 3 miles further per day using trail runners instead of boots

2016-12-15, 10:29
For me Vibram is the best,I am a surveyor and have tried allot of boots and soles,If I get six months out of any sole I am doing good! For backpacking I am really liking Oboz and my daily wear I wear red wings.the red wings can be resoled for about 90 bucks, less than half of a new pair so i can get about two years before I wear out the uppers.

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2016-12-18, 19:20
I wear red wings all day 6 days a week for work or deep winter hiking. But I have been wearing danner mountain light 600 for about 5 day hikes now. They feel like gym shoes. Waterproof and very light weight. If you get a chance to try them you might like the comfort. They feel like pillows on your feet. Not for heavy backpacking but for everyday wear or day hikes. I love em.

2016-12-19, 13:43
I wear Red Wings, and have for 15+ years. To me, no better shoe out there. I work in one pair and hike in another. As mentioned above, I resole them every 14-18 months for $70 with Vibram. If there is a better sole out there, my cobbler hasnt seen it. Our local SWAT team resoles all of their shoes at his shop and it's what they use.

What I have found is high performance, super duper awesome hiking boots cost a fortune and last half as long. Uber rugged shoes last two years and cost a lot in moleskin. The best set up I have found is a good pair of Red wings one size too big with a pair of diabetic socks on under my athletics or wool socks depending on the time of year. The diabetics dont move on your skin, blisters are cured. I dont even carry moleskin or any other blister treatment in my med kit any more.

2016-12-23, 22:06
I'll have to try the diabetic socks. Thanks for the tip