View Full Version : Benton MaKaye Trail status in Joyce Kilmer Slickrock Wilderness

2017-01-20, 09:02
Folks, yesterday, we did a comprehensive work trip on the BMT and I wanted to let everyone know the status. The Fall Wild Fire reached the trail between Naked Ground and Haoe, and this was the first time we were able to get up there. The good news is that, although evidence of the fire is easily found, the trail tread was impacted only a bit. We cleared a large number of dead and downed trees, and the trail is clear from the western end of the Haoe Lead Trail (we came up from Wolf Laurel) all the way to Haoe. In addition, we did find that the spring at Naked Ground is flowing again. Naked Ground, Deep Creek, Jenkins Meadow and Haoe Lead Trails (from Haoe to Jenkins Meadow) were heavily damaged by water drops during the fire control and are basically impassible to all by very experienced hikers. Photos and more info are available on Facebook at "Partners of the Joyce Kilmer Slickrock" page.

2017-01-20, 10:23
Thanks for the update and your trail work.

2017-01-20, 11:57
wow. we were just up there clearing our section. went as far as big fat gap and decided not to continue on up to that part. half because of weather and half because, ohmahgawd, it took another complete pass to finish clearing the hemlocks. kinda glad we cut it short now.

Hog On Ice
2017-01-20, 12:00
how did the new signs hold up in the fire - much damage?

2017-01-23, 07:47
The sign in the Memorial Forest at the start of the Naked Ground Trail was stolen. The sign at the start of the Haoe Lead Trail was chainsawn and stolen. Signs on the ridge did better. Other than at the Jenkins Meadow junctions, we have at least temporary signs at all the junctions.

2017-01-23, 09:53
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john pickett
2017-01-23, 10:59
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2017-01-23, 11:22
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2017-01-23, 17:59
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2017-01-23, 18:06
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2017-01-23, 20:39
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john pickett
2017-01-24, 12:21
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