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2017-04-22, 10:09
The developers of Guthook Apps trail maps for Android & iOS are interested in producing a trails of the Southeast and are interested in including the BMT. They currently have the Bartram, Chunky Gal, and the AT from Springer to the Smokies. They need someone to help them with the project. Anyone interested in assisting, please let me know.

Check out their web page for information about the app: atlasguides.com

2017-04-24, 07:03
These folks approached the BMTA about our providing the info to them for this. The BMTA opted to not participate, for a couple of reasons. Like a number of small clubs, the BMTA makes money from selling paper guides to the trail, and our feeling was that this APP would affect that. In addition, due to the remoteness and character of the BMT, we always recommend that hikers have a paper-type map and not rely on an electronic unit. I understand that his app loads the maps on the phone so that cell service is not required, but issues with battery life are a concern, as well as some phone that derive GPS location from the cell towers. Paper maps don't have those issues. While anyone is free to participate in this, when you hike the BMT and see the nice trail junction signs, etc, just keep in mind that they were not paid for by Guthook.
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2017-04-24, 11:51
I'm the one that approached the BoD about this, and the latest response said y'all were interested, just didn't have the time/man power. So I was reaching out here.

SGT Rock
2017-04-25, 04:12
In 2015 we talked about doing this and had some support for it. I have found Guthooks guides to be a great help on the Appalachian Trail. I started working on the project but then my life took a bad turn and I couldn't finish.

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2017-04-25, 13:05
Are you still interested in Helping?

2017-04-25, 15:13
I should have made an account to weigh in on this earlier-- my bad.

To clarify my position on this, I've been asked by several hikers recently if I was going to make an app for the BMT and a few other trails in the area, which got me to revisit previous discussions with the BMTA and Sgt Rock. When we last talked about making an app for the BMT, life was super busy for me, and I was a bit too disorganized to move forward with the app. So it went on the back burner for the past two years or so. Now, since people have been asking, I started looking through old correspondences and seeing if restarting the project was feasible. While I have some time to work with someone on putting an app out there, in the interest of efficiency and of not stepping on any toes, I made a decision last year that any new apps I make will be made in partnership with maintaining organizations or guidebook writers. In this case, that means BMTA or Sgt Rock. I don't want to pressure anyone into working with me, and I don't want to push others out of the way.

So, Beowulf, I don't mean to give the impression that I'm planning on bypassing the BMTA to get something I want. The only points I'd make to what you say are that any phone that can run my app only uses cell-tower triangulation as an aid to the actual GPS system to find your location (there is no need for any cell system to get your location), and that there are already at least two apps that I know of that are attempting to create a full guide to the BMT with no regard to the Association, which is definitely not the kind of approach I am interested in.

Hopefully that clarifies things a bit. Sgt Rock, I understand how life situations go, so I hope all is well with you and that life gets back to normal soon!