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2017-04-26, 22:05
Been thru here once before doing 20 mile section of BMT.
Easter weekend, took a friend to do her 1st hike in 40 yrs. (we're both mid 60....ish). She was breaking in a new Deuter, I just daypacked. Drove her Corolla up there...lol.
Easy day, lots of people, gorgeous weather.
I did notice signs at this trailhead saying, "No camping behind signs". Does anyone know if that means you can no longer camp at the sites by the footbridge? Or does one not really want to?

2017-04-27, 08:27

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2017-04-29, 03:53
There were a few campsites that were just blasted from overuse by big car camping groups. The FS closed them to allow those areas to recover. Once I camped at the big one closest to the stream with a Scout troop. It rained and the camp became a mud pit draining into the creek.

It's been awhile since I was last through there but I remember smaller campsites, tentsites really, scattered through the area. And there are really nice larger sites close to 3 Forks heading towards the falls.