View Full Version : Blowdowns on Slickrock creek trail

2017-06-12, 13:35
I hiked this past weekend up slickrock creek to naked ground. I didnt think before hand about there being a lot of blowdowns because of the windstorm we had several weeks 0ago. Man the upper section of slickrock is very bad indeed. Almost constantly climbing over, crawling under or going around until you hit the heath bald below naked ground. It is going to take a tremendous amount of work to get that trail back in shape. Just wanted to let everyone know.

SGT Rock
2017-06-13, 00:09
SAWS is supposed to be working in the area this summer. Hopefully this will get the area in at least passable shape.

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2017-06-13, 11:25
LIVX, etc. We are having a meeting later this week with the Cheoah District, SAWS, Benton MacKaye and Partners folks to coordinate the overall rehab projects this summer. Most of the trails suffered greatly from that windstorm. We had just cleared Tapoco Trail, and went back three days later to find three new, large trees down on it, including one at Yellowhammer Gap. Yellowhammer Gap Trail has some massive downfalls. If you are on Facebook, go to the Partners of Joyce Kilmer Page and take a look at some we found last Tuesday. If we get a coherent plan, I'll update this site.

2017-06-13, 15:10
I have alot of respect for everyone who gets out and works on these trails.

2017-06-13, 15:24
If it works out, i will also volunteer on some of the work trips