View Full Version : September BMT hike

2017-09-18, 19:40
Spent 4 days walking from Thunder rock campground on the Ocoee river to the Tellico river. A great hike with some really fantastic scenery. We (2 of us) saw no other hikers during our 4 days. Does anyone know of any individuals who would do a shuttle between Tellico ( fish hatchery) and Fontana (dam area). Would love to finish this section sometime between now and the 3rd week of November. Thanks in advance for any information

2017-09-19, 07:24
Try Google, something along the lines of 'NC shuttle AT'.

2017-09-19, 10:17
The ATC website has a list of people do shuttles in that area.

2017-09-19, 10:26
Thanks for the ideas