View Full Version : Trail/blowdown conditions?

2017-10-02, 08:36
Does anyone have any current trail conditions for the BMT between Tellico fish hatchery to Fontana dam? Curious if hurricane Irma made a mess of things. I'm heading down 3rd week of October to hike this section. Thanking you in advance for any Intel.

2017-10-02, 15:02
There was a report today that a small plane crashed near the Tellico Fishery.

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john pickett
2017-10-03, 08:49
Fish story?

2017-10-05, 08:15
no, unfortunately. i believe two navy officers died.

john pickett
2017-10-05, 10:55
Sorry to hear. I wish I hadn't said that.

2017-10-06, 09:26

2017-10-06, 10:35
Sorry to hear. I wish I hadn't said that.

you're okay. we're not pussies here. tragedies happen. life goes on.

2020-11-20, 02:16
You can add Horizon east and west and that 70s trail to the list of great conditions.

Some snow in the low valley connecting trails but amazing condition considering the fall weve had.

We rode PFG, Horizon East then west, Lone Ranger, That 70s trail, stallions and grizzly and back through PFG yesterday.


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