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SGT Rock
2003-01-14, 21:41
I plan to make a section here with info on the Pinhoti. In Feb 2000 I thru-hiked the trail and had a good time. Some of you guys planning on an AT Thru-hike and want a good trail for a shake down, or you Alabamians that want to hike a good, long home trail should give it a shot. Any other Pinhoti hikers out there?

2003-01-15, 10:02
Yeah, I hiked it northbound in the spring of 2001 and southbound in the winter of 2002. It's a good trail and pretty easy to get to, I-20 runs across the middle of it. The northern half has some pretty unique watersheds and the southern half has some real nice cliffs...McDill overlook was one of my favorites. I had loaded the track for the trail into my GPS, so when I lost the trail it was pretty easy to relocate the trail. They had improved the trail markings between the time I did my hikes.

Wish I could find some good maps of the Georgia Pinhoti. It will be neat when they open it. You will be able to hike the Alabama Pinhoti trail to the Georgia Pinhoti Trail to the Benton MacKaye Trail to the Appalachian Trail to the Bartram Trail to the Chattooga Trail to the Foothills Trail. I have hiked all of that except for the Georgia Pinhoti Trail and it is some great hiking.


2003-01-15, 21:14
Are maps available for this trail?

SGT Rock
2003-01-15, 21:32
I got a full set at Alabama Outdoors in Pelham. They were not waterproof, but thew were accurate except for one stretch. I don't remember how much they cost. There isn't a detailed trail guide for the Pinhoti, but there are a couple of trail books that cover it.

Wander Yonder
2003-01-15, 23:05
I got all my Alabama Pinhoti trail maps from the Talledega National Forest office.

There are free Pinhoti Trail Guides online at http://www.alabamatrail.org/hikingAL/. The site also gives you a phone number to call to order the maps.

2003-01-16, 20:36
Thanks for the helpful info. The trail looks inviting!

2005-02-25, 18:15
My brother took me on my first overnight hike on the Pinhoti over during Thanksgiving of 2004. I loved it. We only hiked one section of it, since I was a beginner. I think it was section 7, that covers McDill Overlook. It was awesome. We arrived around 9:00 at the trailhead and began the hike during a very cold morning. It was supposed to be a pleasant weekend but a cold front had just moved in the night before. After about an hour of hiking, the bottom fell out of the sky but we continued on in the pooring rain. We reached, the Stairway to Heaven, and the Pearly Gates during the down pour and rested under a little shelf in the cliff. The rain prevented us from seeing any really good views but it was awe inspiring none-the-less. Anyway, we camped later up the trail, and finished the section the next day. I have been dedicated to hiking ever since. We will be hiking part of the GA A.T. this spring break with my brother-in-law. I hope he will catch the hiking bug also. Nothin' better than gettin' away for a while to see the beauty of God's Creation.

Aussie Nutter
2005-02-26, 05:45
Oh man i envy you guys......... over here we aint got nuthin like the trails u guys got and good on ya for having such good wilderness areas. We got desert. i live in the dryest state in the world. About time i planed a USA adventure, if only i had the cash. :(

SGT Rock
2005-02-26, 09:28
Cache some water and do a desert hike. Who knows, maybe you will start a trend.

Aussie Nutter
2005-02-26, 12:28
Or just die... like everyone else. I cant walk in the sun when its over 40 deg C. Nor can you hike in summer over here because the parks are all closed due to fire risks. Hiking is a winter sport unfortunatly.