View Full Version : Hey Sarge

2004-04-23, 13:58
I just checked out the pics you recently posted,It looks like you and your sons had a great time!! The scenery must be a lot better than that big ugly sandbox eh?! Nice pics!! Not being nit-picky but I noticed above those pics you had the date as May 2004... Streamweaver

SGT Rock
2004-04-23, 15:32
Doh, I had my May Trail Days plan on my mind whenj I wrote that. thanks!

2004-04-26, 10:22
Nice pics Sarge.
Dare I ask about the nick names?

Thought you said before you wearin' a kilt these days?

SGT Rock
2004-04-26, 11:33
No, I still haven't started crossdressing LOL:cool:

Dead Man Walking is from MAtt's last big hike. He was always saying "I'm dying" so eventually we decided if he was still moving, he must be a Dead Man Walking. So whenever he got up to move, someone would say "Dead Man! Dead Man Walking!" Just like in the movie.

William One Shoe kept loosing his right shoe. One time took me 20 minutes in cold water searching under logs and debris to find it.