View Full Version : Cat stove question

2004-04-27, 09:23
While hiking in Arizona these past 2 weeks I used a cat stove for the first time and it worked out pretty well..I did have one problem with the wick..about 1/3 of the fiberglass insulation wick seemed to crumble and disintegrate..the stove still boiled water and was useable, but whats up with the wick, any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated..

SGT Rock
2004-04-27, 10:06
What did you use? I have never seen this happen before at all.

2004-04-27, 10:12
I hope you don't think I'm sniveling...I used yellow fiberglass insulation that came in a small roll to be use for protecting pipes in cold weather..however I did drop a wooden match in the burn basket and left it there..didn't think that would cause the fiberglass to crumble...but then what do I know..

SGT Rock
2004-04-27, 10:15
That is strange, I don't know waht could cause that at all. I have honestly never seen that happen before in all the stoves I have ever built.

So you still have some of the fiberglass? If so, try taking a small piece and put it in a metal can or ashtray and soak it with alcohol, then burn it. See what happens. BTW, you did use alcohol right?

2004-04-27, 11:15
Yes..tequilla..er no...yes denatured alcohol..I will use your suggestion this weekend and test it...thnx

Hog On Ice
2004-04-27, 13:09
that sounds like the same type of fiberglass that I use sometimes - I sent some to SGT Rock a while ago - its about 4 inches wide in a roll right? I have not had any problem with it but then I don't use it in a cat stove - I just use it to stuff a tea candle holder - it tends to shrink after several uses but I have not seen any disintegration.

2004-04-27, 16:54
Yes..4 inch roll..I will do some test burns starting this weekend..I figure that the crumbling didn't take place before I used it about 9 times..the weather was just below freezing a few times and I may have gotten a little water in the basket, not real sure, but I will try and test it under similar circumstances...thnx