View Full Version : R.E. Whiteblaze not working.

2004-04-28, 22:22
Yo Sarge, I was just on Whiteblaze 10:13 eastern time and it was working fine. I noticed Attroll had made some changes (drop down menus for photo galleries etc) last time it was down so maybe he was working on it again when you tried to log on. Streamweaver

P.S. When you post on the other forum,News and updates I think it is,we cant reply because it says we dont have permission. At least I cant anywhoo.

SGT Rock
2004-04-29, 05:24
Yea, to keep anyone from making an update, I am the only one with permission to post there,m that is why I have a link in it for someone to reply. I guess I assumed everyone already knew that.