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2004-05-01, 13:36
Hi! This looks like a cool site! Late last summer I hiked the JMT with some friends and I took quite a few photos along the way. If anyone here is planning to hike this spectacular trail, you might be interested in seeing some of the country in the photo folder. The photos are random, and there's quite a few scans and I'm still adding new ones, so those with only a dial-up connection ye be warned! :^D Hike on!


SGT Rock
2004-05-04, 18:21
Those are some SWEET pictures. What did you use to take the pictures with, those look like good quality photos.

2004-05-04, 23:14
Hi SGT! Thanks! In each of the pics, if you click on them, it shows the film, lenses, filters, etc. I shot these with a Canon Elan 7 film camera using Fuji Velvia 50 film. I hiked with two lenses on this trip, a Canon 17-40mm, and a Canon 70-200mm. I carried four Galen Rowell/Singh-Ray GND filters (2-stop and 3-stop versions, both in hard and soft), and a Moose Warming/Polarizer filter. My scanner is a Nikon Coolscan IV. I lugged a lightweight tripod with me for the low light shots. The scenery was absolutely fantastic and the fishing was superb! The JMT goes through some of the most glorious country of the High Sierra! We didn't rush it and hiked it north to south in 19 days, culminating on the summit of Mt. Whitney. Thanks again!

2004-05-06, 09:05
Damn,! those are some of the nicest pics I have ever seen.

Must be some great memories to match.

SGT Rock
2004-05-06, 09:06
They are aren't they. I was hoping he was going to tell em that he took them with some cheap digital camera - something I could do light and easy LOL. It would be nice to have pictures that nice from my trips.

2004-05-07, 13:31
GREAT PICS! Makes me want to jump in my car and go directly to the trail. Hope to soon! Thanks for sharing! Good hiking! Candy:D

2004-05-07, 15:09
Outstanding work -- I'll leave some individual comments, but overall that is a really, REALLY impressive folder. Makes me realize that I am still relatively new at photography, even though it's been almost six years now.

I'm surprised I haven't seen your work before on photo.net, especially since you have so much uploaded -- 496 photos! What surprises me even more is that you've only gotten more than 10 ratings on 9 of them. Do you submit your work for critique often?