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2004-05-07, 20:40
Sgt Rock, where do you wear your belt on your gearskin. It appears from your photos that it is around your waist and not your hips. If that is true how does that work for you? I am getting ready to order and am trying to make a good decision on belt placement. Thanks.

SGT Rock
2004-05-07, 21:43
It sits righ at about the same height as the top of my pants., sort of along the same line as a belt. If you look at the picture that is currently on the front page of the site, It pretty much shows this - but my arms are a little in the way.

2004-05-07, 21:46

Try my pics...the 4th picture down. My pack was sized by Jon on my body (I went to his house), and it feels right a little above my hips. Hopefully my picture helps.


2004-05-07, 22:44
Sgt Rock and Brian,

Appreciate the information. Thank you gentlemen.

Foot Notes

2004-05-08, 00:07
Do you guys wear other packs that way also, or do you wear the gearskin differently than the others?? Streamweaver

2004-05-08, 01:21

I got my gearskin a couple weeks ago. I just took it out last weekend and did a 4 mile hike into a campsite and out the next day. I had no problems with it. I do need to work on my packing technique though.