View Full Version : Looking for a male hiker for a small movie - Cols. Ohio Area

2004-05-20, 20:47

I am producing a small, family friendly film in the Columbus, Ohio, area (USA) and I'm looking for a male hiker for this short film. It was suggested I post here for my search.

If you are an in-shape male between 18 and 40 and would be interested in being considered for the role, please write me at:


Make the subject line read: Male Hiker for Movie.

Unfortunately, there's no pay (other than great face time) for the role, but it does take place on some trails north of Columbus on a Saturday. It should also only take a few hours to shot as well. I'll email additional details after you contact me (via email).

Interested? Then write and let me know.


F.V. Karch
Columbus, Ohio