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2004-05-27, 17:28
Im sure many of you have seen this... but Ive been playing with this recently and have had some VERY impressive experiences with it.

This is an application written to allow you to easily see the total weight of the gear you own and will be carrying in your pack. You can enter descriptions and weights of your gear, then select the different items to see their total overall weight, or weights by categories.

Gear Weight Calculator (http://members.tripod.com/ibbeson/Gear_Weight_Calculator.htm)

With this Ive figured that a full winter weight load out sport hike will run me, personally, with ideal* gear, at 21.71lbs FSO (no food or water). A summer weight sport hike under ideal conditions, is just shy of 13.6lbs FSO (with a pack only weight of 11.13lbs).

You can list multiple items as well, and click them "off" to see what your load will weight with say... a Tarp versus a Hammock, or one sleeping bag over another.

Neat tool!

*ideal gear means I dont have everything on that list yet... like Pertex wind shell pants, UnderAmrour "Cold Gear" tights, or a Kifaru Special Ultralight Wiggys sleeping bag for instance

2004-05-27, 18:35
Yup This is a nice program! I got the 5.2 version not to long ago(had been using an older version for several years) and he has worked alot of the bugs out that were in the older one. It make a big diference when you can have all the weights listed right there in front of you!Streamweaver

SGT Rock
2004-05-28, 08:03
That is a cool program. I will have to try the updated version. I can't remember what exactly the issue the vesion I tried had, but it saw something small that didn't work so well - something as small as not being able to do multiples or something.