View Full Version : Great Time!

SGT Rock
2004-05-31, 19:14
We just got back from Arkansas and boy did the guys have a great time. Except for some locals that left the place a mess, we enjoyed ourselves. Yesterday a church group showed up and saved us having to hike out all the trash and the bad rainstorm that was supposed to come through even missed us.

While we were out there, we saw some people tubing the river and even some kayakers. We thought next trip it might be cool to do some aqua blazing on the river and hike out.

Unfortunately I also heard that the 1st AD got hit over in Kufa - bad thing this Memorial Day; something like four soldiers killed in ambushes when there is supposed to be a cease fire. I have friends over there in Kufa right now that I am worried about. It sort of brings back the point of what Memorial Day is all about.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and gave a thought to what it is really for.

"Always Ready!"