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2004-06-02, 14:51
I'm a kayaker, backpacker, hunter - etal...
A few years ago, at my canoe club's annual rendezvous, Hennessy Hammocks had a booth and I bought one. The problem was the fly was too small to cover the hammock in a strong rain storm. So, I made a few modifications. As I hung out on the Watertribe website, I posted my modifications there and the webmaster made it an archived article.
Since I made my modifications, Hennessy has modified/made the fly larger. But they have never really taken it to where I did.
..hope you like the modifications...




Some other articles about hammocks by Steve Isaac of WaterTribe

SGT Rock
2004-06-02, 15:23
I have had some time in a Hennessy and have made it through a tropical storm and Iraqi Monsoon season with the Hennessy. I find that you need to have a few methods of pitching it to work in all seasons, but if you do the fly will work. I do own a slightly larger MacCat tarp for my Hennessy which I like for family backpacking to turn one hammock into a group shelter area.