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2004-06-02, 16:04
BTW folks-
In my posts you will notice I refer to SgtRock as "TOP".
When you're in an Army company(especially infantry), the 1stSergeant is affectionately referred to as "TOP"(the Top Sergeant) since he outranks all the other NCOs in the company.
Both a MasterSergeant &a 1stSergeant have the same pay grade of E-8 but the 1st Sergeant runs the company. (don't ever think the officers have anything to do with it- they're nothing but window dressing).
When I was in Vietnam I was a squad leader in a Search&Destroy infantry unit. When I got back to the "World" & Ft.Hood I was a platoon sergeant in the 2ndArmoredDivision.
Proper respect dictates that we refer to Sgt.Rock as "TOP" - that's what that little diamond in his MasterSergeant's chevrons means...

2004-06-02, 16:59
No Kidding ,really???

2004-06-02, 17:12
Originally posted by Streamweaver
No Kidding ,really???
Streamweaver- since I'm the "cherry FNG" and I have no idea who anyone is :confused:
I will assume you are kidding and are military - & know what I'm talking about ???


2004-06-02, 17:16
Maybe assuming is what you need to stop doing. You know like showing up here assuming nobody but you knows anything. Kinda putting the cart before the horse aint it??!! Streamweaver

2004-06-02, 18:37
Im pretty sure that when he got his promotion, he posted a poll on WB, and there was an overflowing response for him to STAY as sgt rock...I mean...,..top rock just isnt the same man!

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2004-06-14, 17:43
Hey, I appreciate your Service to our Country; and the info on 'Top's insignia. Don't sweat it getting past civies',LOL!

Glad to have you here, Tracker