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Texas Dreamer
2004-06-03, 13:33
Hey ya'll, just thought I'd introduce myself. Some of you may know me from Whiteblaze, I thought I'd come over here for a while--the risk of getting shot down is getting a little large over there. I'm in Austin, Texas and have been hiking a little more seriously in the last year or so--never knew before it was an "organized sport", where I'm from (near Abilene)hinking is what you do when you don't have a horse. Grew up on a cattle farm of less than 2000 acres(has to be over 3000 to be called a "ranch" around those parts), going out to play often meant a trek of quite a few miles and something to build a fire with to cook lunch--whatever didn't run fast enough. Since moving to Austin from Ft. Huachuca in '96, I've been looking for a way to get my back to nature fix and get away from town a little--hinking has fit the bill nicely. Hoping for the AT in '06.
Well, that's me--what about ya'll?

Sarge--I think my husband went to PLDC in El Paso while you were there, is there any way to look it up and see if ya'll ran into each other?

SGT Rock
2004-06-03, 18:00
Well I was an instructor there. If I knew what platoon he was in while he was there maybe that would help. And of course his name. I was an instructor in 2nd platoon from Dec 1994 to about march of 1995. Then I was in 1st Platoon for the rest of my time. I did take two breaks from instructing - when I went to DC in October 1995, and when I went to school myself February 1996 to May 1996.

Texas Dreamer
2004-06-07, 10:30
When he gets back from Japan, I'll pin him down on when he did PLDC--I can't remember myself. I do remember partying at a nightclub and doing the mexican polka when his 1st and I went there for the graduation! Fun town, El Paso.