View Full Version : What's folks opinions about the new VARGO Ti Stove?

2004-06-14, 18:03
It sells for $30 clams, and takes 1.75ozs of alchohol if I'm not mistaken; with a 7 minute boil time.

Just wondering if anyone has any real experience with it yet?

Also, I notice a lot of those 'Gen-X' type drinks come in slim cans (slimmer than what I'm used to seeing anyhow); and was wondering their suitability for making stoves with?

Reason I asked, is I came across a bunch on sale for 50cents each; and though I won't drink the crap, wondering if the cans are worth buying!


Two Speed
2004-06-14, 20:33
Can't offer an opinion on the Vargo Stove, but I can say that the small diameter cans make great solo alcohol stoves.

Major Slacker
2004-06-15, 22:40

I make a variation on the Pepsi-G but "boiled" down to 1. a simple fuel cup -- the bottom of a Red Bull can with the edge crimped every 1/4" or so and 2. an inner wall -- the sidewall of a Coke can cut about 1/8" taller than and just long enough to form a tube inside the cup. The stove weighs 4 or 5 grams, reaches full heat output in 10-15 seconds and uses 1.5 oz. of alcohol to boil a quart of water in 8-15 minutes, depending on the amount of space between the pot and stove.

The tripod pot stand is cut from aluminum can and adds another 2 or 3 grams of weight. I drew a pattern on the computer, taped it around the can and cut it out with scissors. Steel stands of similar design weigh more than the aluminum but are much stronger and withstand much higher temperatures, allowing for taller pot stands and faster boiling times.

2004-06-15, 23:27
I would be willing to buy one to donate to Rock for testing purposes. I would love to see *really* how the thing performs under a real study (like we have all come to love on this site).

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2004-06-20, 05:27
Major Slacker, do you have more pictures of your redbull-G stove? I would like to know more.

SGT Rock
2004-06-20, 18:27
Do you have a link for these? I saw a Ti stove at trail days that used alcohol and I wasn't very impressed by it. Basically it was a photon stove made of Ti, but it used a built in set of tripod legs and pot stand legs that folded over. It didn't seal well at all and filling the thing was a pain in the butt. I did see a new stove from Etowah Outfitters I wanted to try though.

As to the small drink cans, they can make a smaller center for burner area and thus concentrate the flame to a narrower starting center point for most pots, thus the flame can start in the middle and work out - affetting more pot surface area for more heat transfer. I build a lot of stoves from them.

Two Speed
2004-06-23, 17:52

Campmor's got the Vargo. Is this the beast you saw?


SGT Rock
2004-06-23, 18:19
That would be it. I think the Ti-ness (new word) would make it a cool conversation item, but based on my observations:

1. Hard to fill without making a mess. The filler hole is very small, so it is hard to get the fuel into it without coming up with some special device or proceedure. The guy I saw (Mountain Doo) was using some sort of oversized eye dropper which would be a good solution, but the design of the stove still resulted in his making a mess when filling it.

2. The design is basically a Photon Stove. You can make it from aluminum.

3. A Photon stove works off pressure, unfortunatly for this stove the joint where the two halves are does not seal at all. This results in leaking fuel and pressure loss. According to the guy I talked to at Trail Days (I forgot his name, sorry) this is supposed to go away after some repeated burning. I don't know how many repeats this takes.

4. The weight of the stove is heavy compared to it's purpose compared to some other options out there.

I have not tested it, just watched some people use it. I wouldn't buy it, but if I were in the market I would probably get a Brasslite Turbo IIF (I think that is the model) which costs about the same, it is lighter, easier to fill, and easy to light. Of course since I haven't performance tested either stove, I cannot speak to their fuel consumption or performance in speed or anything. I plan to test the Brasslite soon, and I would test one of thes things later on if someone wanted to loan one to me.

2004-10-19, 15:35
Try using a Trangia filler nozzle on a conventional fuel bottle.

The filler is designed specifically for alcohol stoves, and allows you to adjust the flow to a trickle.

I use one all the time with a Vargo Titanium. I'm not as pressed for weight conservation as some of you (courtesy these days of a British Army Landrover), but the little stove makes for a quick and lightweight brew kit. I carry one, a fuel bottle, water bottle, cup and windshield in one belt webbing pouch a long with coffee, tea, creamer, sugar and soup.

The Trangia bottle and nozzle mean you're a bit less likely to set yourself alight, while not spilling the stuff all over the place.

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