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2004-06-17, 21:54
No need to carry toothpaste..toothpate is for dirt bag sissies not HARDCORE hikers..just use drop of Doc Bronners peppermint soap. Refreshing!

SGT Rock
2004-06-20, 18:33
Steve, I tried that and in this one instance I will stay a sissy. Yech!

Kozmic Zian
2004-07-09, 09:02
Yea.....Just go to the local Drugstore and look in the 'travel items' display. The manufacterers of these toiletries make small, easy to carry travel size toothpaste, deoderant, soap in small bottles, etc. Nice,light, and convenient for hikers. Check It Out!KZ@

SGT Rock
2004-07-10, 17:42
They even make a pack that comes with a 1/2 handle toothbrush.

2004-07-12, 23:30
deordorant,,, toothpaste????

you guys must carry those little mirrors and razors too...

do you doo your hair in the mornings??

...dirtbag sissies

:elefant: :love:

2004-07-18, 21:03
I concur, Doc Bronners peppermint soap. But I am lazy so I empty a "Binaca" breath drops bottle, Sterilize it, and refill it with 52 drops of Doc Bronners peppermint soap. I have another filled full of a clorine water sterilizer(4.5 leters worth) and that's enough for a weeks hike. Full bottles are heavy.

lucky luke
2004-07-22, 14:34
hi all,

tomīs of maine, cinnamint. on all my trips. including mexico on bike in august, denali, aconcagua. paste goes in the sleeping bag so it will come out when its really cold. even though its really hard to get in germany...

the one and only: :adore:

happy trails
lucky luke