View Full Version : Back (again)

SGT Rock
2004-06-21, 13:44
I just got back from another two weeks of traveling, but this time it was for seeing the family I haven't seen since before the war. Sometimes these were people I haven't seen in YEARS. Anyway, another good visit with kin.

Now I am back and there are a few e-mails to get through, and some stove orders to make. I promise to get them all completed and answered. I have also got the bug to do some site updates on equipment reviews and book reviews. Things to look forward to:

Anti-Gravity gear Momma's Kitchen

The Packa By Cedar Tree

Hennessy Hammock Updates

Jacks 'R Better quilts

A couple of new stove designs I have been playing with

Brasslite Turbo Stove Reviews

Journal and pictures from my Last few hikes including hiking the AT with Scott "The One Leg Wonder" Rogers

Plus some other stuff I am sure I forgot. Thanks for keeping me supported during my deployment. As repayment I will try to keep the site a quality one.