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SGT Rock
2003-01-14, 22:20
Some words or definitions we use as hikers may not be generaly understood. So 'm adding this forum for hikers to add stuff or for otheres that may hear something but don't understand it to ask.

In 2001 I was hiking the AT and found a Shelter Journal that had a Hiker Lexicon going in it that was outrageous. So don't feel that this has to be limited to the dictonary style entries, feel free to be real on this forum.

2003-01-16, 00:08
SGT Rock- I've gotta say that this is a great addition to your forum. Much fun to be had if people start joining in on the Lexicon. :D

SGT Rock
2003-01-16, 09:18
I agree. I tried this once before but it really didn't work well with the software I was using. I think the participants so far are having fun with it.