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2004-06-30, 00:52
from the Defense Training International website-
20 May 04

From a friend in the UK:

"The SUN today reported that British soldiers in Iraq killed nearly every member of an insurgent unit during the British Army's first bayonet charge s ince the Falklands War, twenty-two years ago! Twenty Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders charged Iraqi fighters after being ambushed in their Land Rover. Brits decided to fix bayonets on their SA-80 rifles and charge at once. They did, and between rifle fire and bayonet attack, killed thirty-five insurgents and captured nine.

Interestingly, analytical geniuses among UK's war planners had originally left off bayonet lugs from the SA-80 rifle, considering bayonets 'ob solete.' I suspect those people are extremely quiet about now!"

Lesson: An instant, explosive, and violent counterattack is the very last thing most predators either expect or plan for. Predators mostly dither and ultimately deal with it poorly, as these Iraqis did. Fearless men and cold steel still frighten the snot out of the lowlife of this world. God bless the British!


20 May 04

Excellent suggestion from an instructor and colleague:

"Solution to several of our current, self-imposed problems:

(1) We sell all our Beretta pistols, on the condition that Italy leave NATO.

(2) We use the money to buy assegais (a short, stabbing spear, used with great effect by Zulus since the early 1800s. The Roman short sword was used in a similar manner, also with great effect).

(3) Bring the Zulus into NATO

In one stroke, we would acquire better weapons and much tougher guys on our side. No assegai I have ever seen comes with a safety/decocker/purge valve/fool's lever, or, for that matter, a trigger lock!"

Comment: Wish I had thought of it!

2004-07-01, 12:57
I wonder if these "Ladies from Hell" were wearing their kilts?

p.s. Here is the battalions online newspaper: