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2004-06-30, 06:55
I just finished a very good book called , Walking Up And Down In The World,Memories Of A Mountain Rambler by Smoke Blanchard. Blanchard Is my kinda guy!! Hes very down to earth and has a great sense of humor which really makes it interesting to read about his many adventures in places like Oregon,Nepal ,Japan etc etc etc. He is a mountain guide and he does alot of trekking in addition to climbing.His tales of trekking the Oregon coast and Alaska are very interesting! Not your run of the mill mountianeer by any stretch, he does what he does for the pure love of the outdoors and the mountains,not fame and fortune .He even gets advance praise from Sir Edmund Hillery. A very good read!!

Now onto a Short Biography of John Muir by Eden Force . Erik

Kozmic Zian
2004-07-09, 09:30
Yea....Books on Hiking......Go to the local library and see if they have 'Hiking The Appalachian Trail'....A Two Volume Set published by Rodale Press, Edited by James R. Hare. It's a wonderful compilation of The Early Trail Hikers and their Journals. Insights as to how the Trail was in the 'Old Days', etc. A large book, but a good one. If you like hiking, you'll love this read.KZ@

SGT Rock
2004-07-10, 17:47
I fond the set at the Fairhope, AL library, but never got a chance to read the entire thing since I was only there on vacation. What I did read though definately marked it as a winner. Think of it as www.trailjournals.com before there was an internet. But the people you are reading about are some of the early trail legends.