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SGT Rock
2004-07-05, 23:01
What Web Browser are you using?

2004-07-05, 23:10
I use IE, but have Netscape on my system too. Oh but you already knew that.... ;)

2004-07-06, 03:50
I'm using three browsers:

My main view of the Net is through Epiphany, the default browser of the Gnome desktop. Epiphany is small and fast (sort of like going for lightweight stuff when hiking), but still offers some nice features. I'm very fond of the combined bookmark/search/history system. Basically it's a sibling in the mozilla family (Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox [yes, those two are different animals] and Netscape).

The next in line is Konqueror, the default browser of the KDE desktop. If the page works with "Konq", then it works in the new Apple browser, Safari, too. Leaner and meaner than Epiphany, and follows the W3C standards.

Opera... It's actually worth paying for. Very standards-compliant, like the above two (way ahead of iE, if you wonder). Again, a small and fast program. A very nice experience.

I strongly recommend using an alternative to iE. Mozilla Firefox (combined with the mail client Thunderbird) is my top suggestion for windows users, followed by Opera for those who don't mind paying (or having an ad window). Just remember that a change always has some work (and getting used to) involved. It's not completely frictionless, but trust me, it's worth it.

(steps off the soap box and wipes off the excess eggs and tomatoes)

2004-09-09, 10:39

Mac OSX default browser.

2004-09-09, 15:06
FireFOX (They changed the name) on my work IBM T30

Safari / Firefox on personal iBook

2004-09-15, 11:56

Firefox 0.9.2

2004-09-22, 14:07
Now using FF1.0PR

2004-09-26, 21:31
I'm trying out Firefox now...so far I like it better than IE. I had Zone Alarm set to automatically clean the temp files, etc. with IE, which I liked better than doing it manually in Firefox. Any suggestions on tweaking Firefox to simplify the cleanup?
I'll take a closer look at Thunderbird shortly. I'm now using Outlook Express.

2004-09-27, 12:00
yeah, just expand the options...

2004-09-27, 21:26
Thanks for the help, Lanthar.

2004-09-28, 00:37
Thanks for the help, Lanthar.
Anything to spread the FF love.... :elefant:

SGT Rock
2004-09-28, 06:57
I'm getting a couple of reports of problems with the java navigation stuff from Apple users, any apple people out there without problems?

2004-09-28, 19:55
I have I/E Not much of a computer person, It's the only one I've heard of

2004-09-28, 21:27
I'm getting a couple of reports of problems with the java navigation stuff from Apple users, any apple people out there without problems?

Not tested it... I don't think I've had problems... but then again, I've mostly used the T30 lately...

JJ you really should try Firefox (http://www.spreadfirefox.com/?q=user/register&r=7370) it's really nice... built in pop-up blocking... tabbed browsing... really fast...

2004-12-28, 00:19
I have the AOhell virus on my computer.


2005-01-12, 08:10
On the Windows box -
Im using FF1.0 and IE6, as well as NS7.2

On the Linux box (currently doing its best impression of a very large paperweight)
Im using Konquerer, NS7, Opera, and Lynx (virtually useless web browser, but great for text only research websites)

Im REALLY excited about the fact that OpenBeOS is getting off the ground. BeOS was developed by Apple programmers as a *nix like OS, but died about 4 years ago (thanks Palm), right when I just started really using it, and thankfully its been rebuilt recently by some skilled and dedicated developers... most of the Linux browsers have been ported, and there is also BeZilla. A BeOS specific Mozilla client. - If OpenBeOS is as good as the original, itll be my default on the LILO list.

2005-01-12, 10:35
Sgathak, you really should try Epiphany (a gnome browser based on mozilla) instead of konq. The integrated bookmarks/history/search is quite nifty. What linux distro do you use, btw?

2005-01-12, 10:48
Honestly, I dont know all that much about Gnome stuff, if it says "gnome" my brain shuts off for some reason. No reason that I am consciously aware of, but it happens... I really prefer KDE all things considered. Will epiphany run under KDE?

Ive used Mandrake for years, but Im kinda looking at SuSe too. Im not interested in the "This version will FORCE you to learn Linux" distros. Im far more impressed with software thats smooth, fast, and seamlessly integrated with other programs (one thing that pissed me off most with early linux was an inability to cut and paste from one program to another... then even more annoying was when you could cut and paste, but it was anybodys guess on which programs would let you do it. Grrrr)

Oh, just a point... I used Opera in both Linux and BeOS... glad I didnt have to pay for it under either OS. It worked ok, but it was really.... "busy". So much "stuff" in/around/on the browser window.

2005-01-12, 11:16
If you're running a recent mandrake linux (10.1 preferably), then installing epiphany should be quite simple (as well as worthwhile) both with a graphical tool and within a terminal.

the command:
urpmi epiphany
(run as root) should show you how much you need to install to satisfy the dependencies. (The graphical installer should do something similar.) With the right libraries installed, it should run fine within the K Desktop.

I'm running mandrake linux 10.1 official myself (if you wonder) because it lets me do my work without fuss. All my computers run mandrake. At work too.

ps. for non-linux-people: The "root" user is simply the administrator of a linux system. ds.

2005-01-12, 16:54

Ill look into it, thanks.

(interesting BeOS wiki page if anyone is interested in a BeOS wiki page ;) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BeOS)

Major Slacker
2005-02-07, 22:55
I'm getting a couple of reports of problems with the java navigation stuff from Apple users, any apple people out there without problems?
I haven't used the iMac at home to visit the site much, but no problems here at work. This one's a G4 running OSX and OS9. I'm using IE on the OS9 platform. We're networked with PCs and a whole lot of digital prepress stuff, so it might be tweaked to the max.

2005-03-02, 03:49
Um, that should be Firefox, not Firebird in the poll. Firebird is the old name, before they were forced toi change it (there turned out to be a Firebird database program).

Originally I used Mosaic and Viola, then Netscape. I switched to Mozilla once it was reasonably stable, then switched to Firefox early on. I just didn't need all the stuff in Moz, and it's going to be deprecated anyway. The extensions for Firefox let you start with a fairly lightweight, <em>standards-compliant</em> browser and add the extra features that you want. For example, I have a boatload of developer extensions on mine. That goes for the native Linux version and Windoze. I won't touch IE, except to download a copy of Firefox onto someone's box. I do fire up Konqueror for MS-only sites that refuse to render in Firefox (often becuase they're written to test for and reject non-IE browsers). For some reason Konq can usually fool them into displaying well enough to get in and out.

I ubderstand that most of the Mac browsers - Camino, Jaguar, etc. - are really good. I don't have a Mac, so I don't have an opinion of my own.

BTW, I test all my sites not only in Moz/Firefox, but with Opera, Konqueror, IE and Lynx. Mozilla-based browsers are extremely compliant with W3C standards. Konqueror is not quite as compliant, and they're still getting Opera up to date in that respect. IE breaks compliant sites, since it doesn't follow the standards. A good site should render well in Lynx, as if you turned off the stylesheets on your usual browser. It's a real PITA to write a good clean site, then have to hack in mods to make IE happy. Even if y'all are going to use Windows, why are you using IE?

Um, I guess I forgot to mention in my profile that I'm also an old-school nerd, and long-time GNU/Linux geek. Over the years I've settled on the Mandrake distro. It's an easy install, recognizes more hardware out of the box than XP, and still lets me dig under the hood to tweak what I want. I would recommend that or any of the other well-known distros. My desktop is Enlightenment 0.16.6, and I'm drooling for the day that E17 is out of development-only. KDE and Gnome work well, but I just can't deal with their Windows-like layouts. If you hadn't guessed, I don't have any use for Windows, having used it regularly since version 3.0.

Jeez, what a ramble. Sorry 'bout that, but I'll post anyway.

Ramblin' on,

2005-07-27, 15:36
Microsoft Internet Explorer. Resistance is futile.

What a great product for international trade though eh. Why sell finished products for raw materials when you can sell 1s and 0s that everyone wants. It's like wampum for the 21st century. Speaking of which, I wonder who the first person was to sell pirated copies of wampum in downtown Manhattan. I wonder if there was something like an Apple version that was better but never caught on. The Dutch I suppose.

2005-08-01, 08:52
Mozilla Firefox, I love tabbed browsing.
Been using Firefox for a bit over a year.
Don't use I.E. at all anymore.

2005-08-21, 09:42
Mozilla Firefox all the way......compared to IE bug free, virus free, spam free.........ok well not entirely.......but I did say compared to IE :)

2005-08-21, 11:09
Firefox on Linux
Firefox and Mozilla on Mac

2005-08-21, 13:52
Firefox 1.0.6.
BTW, is FireBIRD a typo in the balloting?

2005-08-29, 18:43
As a Mac user, your site has posed difficulties with regards to Java. Even using Debug to emulate IE does not fix the problem. Switching to Firefox did not help much either.

2005-09-14, 19:32
Mozille Firefox. Won't ever go back to IE.

2005-09-14, 23:32
As a Mac user, your site has posed difficulties with regards to Java. Even using Debug to emulate IE does not fix the problem. Switching to Firefox did not help much either.

As a user of ANY OS, java is a pain.

2005-09-15, 17:27
I like Java. I am a java-developer hopeful (ok so I'm still learning and sucky but hey). However, the Java on this site makes anyother site's stuff non-functioning (esp other forums)
as I use firefox and tabbed browsing, this is a pest. Solution: firefox plugin noscript (it should be on the top ten list) and block it. Caution with noscript- you will need to ALLOW things- like forums to use them- it's a simple right click. However I keep the nav menu BLOCKED. too problematic to be useful.


2005-09-16, 03:46
I would prefer a CSS-based menu like on this page (http://www.meyerweb.com/eric/css/edge/menus/demo.html) instead of the Java one that is used now. Java is a good thing, but CSS would be cleaner and cause less problems.

2005-10-02, 14:18
Firefox and mozzila are one in the same, firefox is a browser made by mozzila.

2005-10-02, 17:05
Firefox and mozzila are one in the same, firefox is a browser made by mozzila.
Not quite. The Mozilla foundation has helped to create two browsers in parallel, The integrated Mozilla suite and the newer separate programs of Mozilla Firefox / Mozilla Thunderbird.

The Mozilla suite is no longer maintained by the Mozilla foundation itself, but it lives on as the Seamonkey project, a community effort hosted by the foundation. If you liked the old Netscape browser/mail combo then this is the newest incarnation of that. It's "oldskool", but still freshly updated.

The foundation now has a set of programs instead. Mozilla Firefox (AKA Phoenix, Firebird) for browsing the web, Mozilla Thunderbird for mail, and others like Bugzilla (for bug tracking system) and Sunbird (a calendar).

The old Mozilla suite and the new Mozilla Firefox only share the renderer called Gecko. The renderer is the software that takes all the pieces and creates one web page from those, btw. The Gecko renderer is also used by other products like Epiphany (the Gnome browser) and Camino (a browser for OSX). To make things even harder to understand, Gecko replaced an older renderer called... care to guess? ...Mozilla. That old renderer gave name to the foundation but is no longer used in any of the software.

So yes, the Mozilla foundation coordinates the work on the Firefox browser, but the new kid on the block is still a different animal than the old Mozilla suite.

Same same but different. :)