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SGT Rock
2004-07-08, 08:59
I think I am mostly done. I have a couple little behind the scene tweaks to do, but nothing else big planned. I would appriciate any suggestions that y'all might have. So what would you add, change, delete, or modify?

2004-07-08, 09:35

I have been checking your site for almost two years. I was glad you came home safely, as no doubt, were your family.

Though I live in SE Asia, your comments have given me lots to ponder as to how I hike and how I can improve. As for site tweaking. You are the one that has to live with how it feels and works, so do what you feel best. I have yet to be disappointed.

Thanks for the great work.


2004-07-09, 11:14
Hey Sarge, haven't been here in a while. Your site is looking great. Keep up the good work.

Hog On Ice
2004-07-10, 09:44
would it be possible to change the code for the "party" smilie? the interpreter sees the 'colon'p and puts in a tongue smilie followed with "arty'colon'"

SGT Rock
2004-07-10, 17:51
I can do that HOI. I will check that out tommorrow when I do site maintenance.

2004-07-11, 10:18
Hah, Hah!

You misspelled "toilet" in the title to the "Re-supply" forum!

SGT Rock
2004-07-11, 10:41
Doh! I fixed that and the smiley problem this morning. :arty:

Kozmic Zian
2004-07-14, 23:31
Yea....Site lookin' Good main! Hope you get lot's of fun from it, and help lots o' folks, Rock. Hiking from the 'Military Prospective', yea.....I've been there and done that. The only way I knew about 'camping' and the woods, was what I had learned in Vietnam and the Airborne, You know the Military Way. Plus, there was no 'Forums' for hiking in '96 when I Thrued. I had no info about it, so I put it together like I'd learned in the Army. Needless to say, when I got up to Amicalola, I was a 'tad' heavy. I used a Vietnam Era Ruck Sack, for a backpack, took a pancho liner, for a tent, a rubber air mattress, etc. I had to learn as I went.

By the time I got to Hot Springs, I had everything down to about 30lbs. with food and water for 4 days. Later, as I progressed it got lower to around 22lbs. But, the 'Miltary Way' worked for me, for a while. Wouldn't do it now, though....and I know you wouldn't either, although the Military has gotten a bit lighter through the years. I saw some of their 'high tech' stuff the other day somewhere, looked pretty good! But hiking the LDTrails and hiking, in general, today has really changed, as you have attested to many times here and on other sites. It's 'Light is Right', anymore....Good Hiking To All. KZ@ :adore:

Hog On Ice
2004-08-14, 17:02
Doh! I fixed that and the smiley problem this morning. :arty:

I wonder if this smiley will show : <img src="http://www.thebackcountry.org/images/smileys/woohoo.gif">

2004-08-14, 17:48
I came-I tried-I flopped! Oh well