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2004-07-17, 12:47
First of all thanks to the Sgt for all his help. I've been making the transition from car camping to ultra light backpacking over the last few months, and his website has been indispensable!
I would like to offer an idea I have had, that seems novel, since I haven't been able to find anyone else online that uses this approach.
Go to your local beer/wine store and pick up 4 of the plastic pocket corkscrews. They are about 99 Cents a piece at my store, which makes them a little expensive, but worth it.
I was using 4 aluminum tent stakes, and a piece of cardboard to keep them from pocking holes in my stuff.
Four of the pocket corkscrews weight 4.5 oz and come with their own protection for the sharp points. They screw into the hardest of ground, and come with a hole for tying guy lines to. I've really found theses things to be quiet perfect for the job. The only thing I really recommend is screw them as far into the ground as you can. When they get down to the plastic part, they will dig in very tight, and should work perfectly in just about any type of ground, except snow, or lose sand.
If anyone tries these out, let me know what you think.
Erick aka 'Casper'


SGT Rock
2004-07-17, 14:46
Excellent idea. Thanks!

2004-07-17, 23:04
sure is less expensive than titanium tent stakes

2004-11-24, 23:19
Wouldn't they bend or not hold in very soft soil(I.E. Georgia Clay/Dirt)

2004-11-25, 09:09
Wouldn't they bend or not hold in very soft soil(I.E. Georgia Clay/Dirt)

I think you are right in that corkscrews would be very specialized stakes, especially ones that are only a few inches long. In some conditions they might work very well, while in others they might not work. In hard compacted soil where it is difficult to drive a stake more than a couple of inches they might be great, but in loose soil they might not be long enough to get much holding power.