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2004-07-30, 22:11
I see Tom Hennessy has introduced his insulation add-on for his line of hammocks.
for those so inclined.



SGT Rock
2004-07-31, 08:51
The supershelter seems to work. I didn't get a good, low temperature when I used it at Trail Days, but it does seem to hold heat in. Maybe this winter up in the Smokies I can try one out a little bit more in-depth.

2004-08-02, 10:54
Used it without the underquilt in Michigan last April. Night temp was 32.5,slow steady rain all night.Had a 40 degree bag, no pad. Sometime in the night my back got cold. I put on longjohns a fleece vest and knit hat. Was cosey the rest of the night.

Reports from this sight is why I made the switch. No regrets so far.

SGT Rock
2004-08-02, 12:00
So you used the supershelter down to about freezing with only some add on clothing?

2004-08-02, 12:29
Yes. Forgot to mention the wool socks and cotton gloves. Usually if I can keep my trunk warm the rest is ok. But I may be a little more used to the cold than most.
As a kid my winter bag was my summer bag with some newspaper and a blanket for extra insulation. Then long jons ect.
I also work outside in the Michigan winters, so by spring 32 is a summer breeze.