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2003-01-08, 01:23
wondering how to tell the group where we are???
any clues?
or are you already on that SGTROCK?

2003-01-08, 01:30
I'm surprised he wasn't inundated with emails.(I should probably look up inundated in the dictionary, but it sounds right) It took me awhile to find the Hiking HQ on Whiteblaze, having spent too much time catching up on forums. Some people may never have found this link(from whiteblaze)

SGT Rock
2003-01-08, 01:34
I was just lurking, but here is what I have done so far:

1. I recived about 20 e-mail messages. All them got the new address tonight.

2. I went to the Yahoo group AT hikers and posted a response to some questions about Whiteblaze.

3. I hope the others are getting into any mail groups they belong to and are sending out the call.

2003-01-08, 01:47
i got the word on AT-Hikers. i see there's a bunch of members on trail journals. did you notify on that forum?

SGT Rock
2003-01-08, 01:48
No. I was about to go to bed when ATTroll came on. I just made him an Admin. I was afraid I would miss him before I signed off and he might get pissed at me for running with the ball without asking him about any of this.

SGT Rock
2003-01-08, 02:08
Troll is on-line with what is going on. I need to sleep, early day tommorrow.

Start getting the people flowing here and I will try and check in over the next few days.

Thanks for the support y'all.

2003-01-08, 11:46
God I was missing my trail talk fix yesterday!


2003-01-08, 11:52
Has anyone notified the Backcountry AT List?
I'm not sure if anyone has posted there but did receive this address from a couple of regulars from the list....If I don't see it in the next digest I'll post this new address there.

2003-01-08, 12:05
I notified AT-L earlier this morning.