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2004-08-06, 17:19
Wanting to check some feedback on an idea I have if any have knowledge or opinion please let me know or contact me through my webpage.


I am thinking about making two hydration bladder sleeves from a space blanket. Does anyone have an opinion if it matters if the reflective side is out to obviously reflect the sun and UV radiation or if the Olive green side is visible. I am making this a sewing project since my bladders ride in my main mesh pocket of my pack.

SGT Rock
2004-08-06, 18:22
It seems like the idea would be to prevent absorption - so you would not want the dark side out, you would want a shinny side out. Shinny or dark side on the inside wouldn't matter either way. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to walk around with a shiny Camel Bak.

2004-08-06, 18:59
I'm not certain what you mean by absorption unless you are talking about condensation between the bladder and pack body. I am however looking towards preserving the cool water temp as much as possible. The Neoprene hose covers are intended to do that the same as the ground level Camelback packs are supposed to. So my primary concern is a compromise to bladder insulation without the additional bulk or weight.


SGT Rock
2004-08-06, 20:59
By absorbtion I mean UV energy. If the outer shell is dark, it will absorb UV radiation, if it is shinny or at least light colored, it will reflect more away so less UV energy heats the water.

2004-08-06, 22:44
And Roger, Now I am tracking.