View Full Version : Hennessy Underpad Question for Rock

2004-08-15, 10:49
New member, old hiker, this is my first post. Glad you got back from Iraq in one piece Rock. As a veteran of my generations war, I appreciate the job you did over there.

I have been using a HH Ultralight A-Sym for several years now and I am mostly happy with it. Can't beat the comfort, but they can get cold underneath. I have just been on the official HH site and see that they are going to offer an underpad system. Just curious how you feel about the HH underpad being made out of open cell foam. Probably be cheap and warm, but wouldn't it be bulky and absorb water?

SGT Rock
2004-08-15, 12:32
It would except that the pad is protected by an outer cocoon of Sil Nylon. Going open cell foam has made the pad light and very compressable. I haven't tested the system below the 50s so I can't comment on its efficiency yet.

2004-08-16, 00:22
It's my understanding that the new "Supershelter" system from HH consists of three parts. The undercover, underpad and overcover.

I'm tryin to visualize the undercover and underpad. Are we talking about a basic uncovered open cell pad that fits inside, and can be removed from, the undercover, which is a a sil nylon sleeve arrangement?

And can the overcover be used with the fly on the hammock or is it one or the other? I'm a little confused about the need for the overcover because I haven't had any problem getting cold from the top.

I'm just trying to visualize how it works. Can't wait for your test of this system

2004-09-07, 09:27
The Hennessy website needs some photos. It is hard to visualize this. My concern would be that, unless the undercover is completely sealed off (which it apparently is not) the open cell foam underpad would tend to absorb water and would be hard to dry out. Other than that, this sounds like a comfy set up.

The overcover looks interesting, but Hennessy's insistance that it is for dry, subfreezing conditions leads me to think it is probably a condensation factory that won't work too well here in the Pacific Northwest.

I gotta say the AUTOMATIC FLY TENSIONER AND WATER COLLECTION SYSTEM just sounds kinda goofy.

2004-09-07, 09:47
Actually, I discoverd the HH website actually has videos, complete with a pretty girl. http://www.hennessyhammock.com/hhvideo/fset2.html