View Full Version : possible interesting modification to a Gearskin

Hog On Ice
2004-08-21, 15:09
Super Troll mentioned this chair on thebackpacker.com and looking at it I immediately thought of a Gearskin modified with a pocket instead of a loop handle at the top back plus the possibility of using collapsed trekking poles for the supports. chair link (http://www.kifaru.net/MG_fieldchr.htm) What do ya'll think?

SGT Rock
2004-08-21, 15:29
I think a chair modification could be made fairly wasy. You could set the top straps very long, and make them slightly narrower as you went down to form an "L" shape where you could sit in it. Your own weight would hold it down at the bottom and you could lean back into it. Same idea as a Thermarest chair thingy. You could use a pad in the center of it. I think it is worth a test once I get set in Tennessee.

Good idea HOI!

2004-08-24, 22:13
I don't see how it works :stupido:

2004-08-26, 10:29
Looks to me like it was redesigned from a Lakota back rest used in a teepee. They were made by weaving cord through willow branches (about 3/8 in diamiter) and hanging the mat from a tripod.