View Full Version : Blood Mtn area in November.

2004-09-14, 00:28
Finally getting an opportunity to hike, and it looks like my group will be going to North GA, possibly the Blood Mtn area. What weather might I expect? I know there are a bunch of factors.. but just a general idea would be much appreciated! Thanks!

SGT Rock
2004-09-14, 07:01
You may get wet weather with temps possibly in the 30s.

2004-09-15, 10:04
You may get wet weather with temps possibly in the 30s.
Thanks SGT Rock. I figured the lows would be lower than the 30s, but also the highs higher than 30. I know you were speaking broadly, so no big deal. I'll probably prepare for very cold weather, because I tend to get cold.


2004-09-16, 09:37
Plan for rain, and don't expect the temps in North Georgia to be much higher than the 50's or so during the day. That said, I'd be surprised if it dropped below 30, even as late as Thanksgiving.

Uncle Wayne
2004-09-30, 07:20
We started at Springer and ended up at Neel's Gap the second week of November last year and the low temp we had was 36 degrees and the high 66. Very nice conditions weatherwise.

2004-12-05, 16:57
I love Blood Mountain. I want to go and stay on top and watch the sunrise, might be doing that after christmas.....

I have like 5 miles left in GA, and then I will have all of GA done....